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Derron R. Burks

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Derron R. Burks' Bio

This is my Bio and it is in first person.. my way.. this is ME D.R.B.

            I was born in Lexington, Kentucky at Good Samaritan Hospital. At the age of 7 my family uprooted and moved to Alhambra, California. At age 11 or 12 sometime in the 6th grade I started running track to follow in my Mothers footsteps a track and field state Champion at Harlan High School in Harlan, Kentucky and a member of the University of Kentucky Track team in the 70's. I tried to do everything when I started track and field, I participated in the Long Jump, 100m, 200m, 400, relays and back then the softball throw. My first track meet I came in first in all but one event which I placed second. That is when I knew I wanted to keep running track. In 1991 and 1992 I came in second in the 200m at the Jesse Owens track and field meet held at East Los Angeles Community College.
At age 14 and in 9th grade I was living in Tucson, Arizona where I played football (1992 city champs) at Sahuaro High School and ran track. My main events when I started in running in high school were long jump, 400m, 100m and relays. For JV I was undefeated in the 100m and the 400m. My times were not the best at but I was winning. At the end of the year when JV was over, Coach Bob Saxon let me run in the Varsity Region Meet, I was running the 400m the race that I grew to love because I was good at it. I didn't win but I did good enough to earn my Varsity letter by qualifying for finals but gave up my 400 finals spot to a teammate that was a senior and much faster that was not set in his blocks when the race started so they let him run an open 400m to qualify in my spot. I only spent one year in Tucson.
Then it was off to Powder Springs, Georgia and McEachern High School. There I played football my Junior and Senior year where we lost by 7 points in the 2nd round of the playoffs both years to Southwest Dekalb (SWD) and Future NFL Quarterback Quincy Carter. Back to track, my sophomore year I started the Track and Field season off good I remember my First track meet was at Lassiter High School I ran the 4x100m (1st), the 400m (1st) and the 4x400m relay (1st) where I was anchor and came from behind to put my team in the winners circle. As a sophomore I was undefeated in the 400m running against JV. My time in the 400m got me a spot on the Varsity region team of the 4x400m I ran 2nd leg and we won to move on to State Competition. I was taken off the relay and went to my first state competition as an alternate relay member, Trust me I was extremely happy. Our team finished 2nd overall in state 1994.

In 1995 I took control of the 4x400m relay becoming the anchor leg never feeling pressure, if I got the baton in the lead I never got caught I would try to extend the lead and if I got it in second my eyes focused on the leader and that was my target to go get and 95% of the time I did. My Junior and Senior year in state competition I didn't do good in the open 400m but My teams Consisting of Carey Melvin, Mark Myers, Greg Dean, Tony Glenn, Chris Flechter, Nevin Watson, Tori Crawford, Kevin Davis and Eric Bloedorn and myself. We did place 2nd two years in a row in the 4x400m behind Future Olympic Gold Medalist Angelo Taylor and future Olympic Silver Medalist Terrance Trammel and their SWD teammates.

After Graduating from McEachern in 1996 I tried to go to college but I didn't have any scholarship offers. Then I thought I got lucky at Wallace State College in Alabama they had one Track and field scholarship left. But unfortunately for me it ended up going to a High Jumper. I still tried to go to the school but financial aid only wanted to give me $120. So I ended up sitting out of school for a year. Then in 1997 I was accepted to Morris Brown College (MBC) I wasn't on scholarship but at least financial aid gave me some real money to go to school with. My first year I didn't run track because I wasn't eligible yet, but the next year in 1999 I came off of my 2 year layoff and started running again. That year I earned a $4000 walk on scholarship which was only about a 1/4 of the school years cost. Although I was getting faster the Track and Field scholarships were getting spread throughout the team. While football players can sit on the bench all 4 years and have a full ride.
I had many honors at MBC winning the 400m and the 4x400m relay at the AUC championship. It was too unorganized to recall everything there. But I do know that those were some good track and field years. I graduated in 2003 and here I am now years later and want to find a way to offer Track and Field Student Athletes (Trackletes) along with Cross Country Runners, scholarships to College so they do not have to sit out and wastes there good years in college because they did not qualify for government money. That’s my Track story





McEachern High School

Cobb County Georgia

Junior Varisty

1994 JV 400m county Champ

'94 JV 4x400m county runner up


'94 4x400m Region Champs

'94 Team State Runner Up

'95 4x400 county Champs

'95 400m Region Champ

'95 4x400m Region Champs

'95 4x400m State runner up

'95 Team Region Champs

'96 400m county Champ

'96 4x100m county runner up to our "A" team

'96 4x400m county Champs(county record)

'96 400m region Champ

'96 4x400m region Champs(region and school record)

'96 4x400m state runner up

Honors as well at Morris Brown College